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Our Maintenance Packages

Personal package
Starting at KES 5000/monthly
1 weekly update worth less than 3hrs of time. A total of 4 updates a month worth 12hrs of work. Updates are made within 24hrs.
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Corporate Package
Starting at KES 20,000/Monthly
Worth any and immediate updates. Updates done as soon as we receive them.
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Starter Package
Starting at KES10,000/Monthly
3 weekly updates worth less than 6hrs of time. A total 12 updates a month worth 72hrs of work. Updates are made within 24 hrs.
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Business Package
Starting at KES15,000/Monthly
5 weekly updates worth less than 12hrs of time. A total of 20 updates a month worth 240hrs of work. Updates are made within 24 hrs.
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We Bring Efficience To Your Website

Are you looking for a company that can be able to maintain your websites with the latest features? Look nowhere. Wymore has affordable website maintenance packages.

What is included in our Website Maintenance SLA;

  1. Graphics, Styling & Animation Updates – adding, editing and sizing of any pictures / animations to the existing website which does not fall under the scope of the layout or actual design of existing website.
  2. Website Content Updates – adding, editing and/or removing any text or copy on the existing site including any articles, reports, staff members, contact information and product or service description.
  3. Scripts, Plugins & CMS Updates – adding, editing, removing and installing any scripts, programs or software to the existing website can be done under the scope of this Proposal provided it does not change the overall design or look of the site more than 30%. If this will change the existing website more than 30% then it would fall under the scope of a New or Redesign Proposal.
  4. Speed Optimization – Carrying out progressive speed tests and deferring slow loading CSS and JavaScript codes. Providing progressive speed reports.
  5. Security Measures – Every website online is prone to attacks due to advancements in technology every day. We will carry out the following stringent measures:
    1. Daily security scan
    2. Forms Spam Protection
    3. Cross Site Scripting (XSS) / JavaScript injection Protection
    4. Secure password storage implementation
    5. SQL Injection Protection
    6. Secure Authentications
    7. DoS and Brute force attacks protection etc.
  6. Basic SEO checks – We will check and ensure the brand name is ranking accordingly against the company’s competitors. N:B Company Name Only.
  7. Web Analytics – Checking all the time the proper functioning of the analytics codes, search console and maps codes and many other API Linkages.
  8. Server Checks -We will remain in-constant checks with your server(s) and inform you if of any downtimes to avoid service disruption with your clients and any server changes that are important to your account.
  9. Tech Support– We will be readily available 24/7 hrs to take and handle any support tickets raised from your company.

Enroll for our maintenance packages today and keep out being the best from your competitors

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