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FAQs: App and Website Development

The length of a project usually depends on a number of things, features to be developed or even the content from client on general cases we roughly take 2 weeks to deliver.

FAQs: Computer Hardware Mantainance

Wow!! that is where Wymore repairs comes in. We do a number of computer hardware  services;
  • Computer mantainance and cleaning, which involves opening your hardware blowing out dust from your computers.
  • Performance upgrading i.e replacing worn out hard disks, expanding Memory, CPU upgrades.
  • General repairs i.e screens, motherboards ,PSUs
  • Computer external devices replacements.

FAQs: Computer Supplies

It’s simple, your company comes up with the required devices then Wymore offers a quote. If we come to an agreement we deliver the computer supplies and accesoriesto your door step.

FAQs: Design

We usually develop websites that can be easy to edit for our clients. Once the process of development is done we give the client a basic training on the backend of the website. Equally some of clients choose the mantainance package, where we carry out updates if required.

FAQs: Digital Marketing

Wymore is the best digital marketing company in kenya, there are a number of things we can do to increase your company’s online presence i.e improving your website, social media marketing, ads. We advise you come to our offices and get the best consultation on the same.

FAQs: Domain and Hosting

Yes we do, hosting is where your website or system is going to be stored in the cloud, a domain is a url that locates your website like www.wymore.co.ke

FAQs: IT consulation

Yes we are also a consultation firm on matters to do with only IT but at a small fee.

FAQs: Network Design

Yes!! we usually come up with the network designs and the components after an analysis of your organization, then we give you a quote.

FAQs: Software

Yes we do, we are partners to different kinds of software firms.
  • We do antivirus installations
  • We do operating system installations, linux, ubuntu,mac os, windows e.t.c
  • We do the installation of Microsoft products.
  • We do the installation of point of sale products.