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Why bulk SMS? Many businesses have never realized the importance of having mobile marketing as one of their strategies. For instance, sending bulk SMS is one of the few direct mobile marketing platforms. A large population of people nowadays are on phone so better follow the masses where you can find them directly.
Wymore is regarded among the most affordable Bulk SMS providers in Kenya. We can be able to register you a Sender ID together with Bulk SMS credits for your business in the most shortest time possible.

Register a Bulk SMS Sender ID in Kenya
Our company has simplified the whole process of sender ID registration for you, we only need an authorization letter from you and we are up for the task as fast as possible.
Want a sender ID? Give us a call today or walk into our offices and we will be able to guide you on what are the requisites.
Why our company for your Bulk SMS

  • ­­Fast Delivery in Seconds with delivery status report.
  • ­­User Friendly Interface & API’s
  • ­­100% Delivery on Active Numbers
  • ­­Send SMS to a Group.
  • ­­Schedule your SMS to be delivered when not available.
  • ­­We guarantee 99.99% Server Uptime
  • ­­Upload and import contacts easily from an Excel doc.
  • ­­No Setup fees only pay for each SMS you send.

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